Tradition and Revelation

Tradition and Revelation

Revelation is the unequivocal sign that the divine Being that dwells in you, the one we humanly and imperfectly represent in this world, urges us to cooperate in achieving the inner self-realization of each and every one of his different autonomous and self-conscious parts.

The long and hidden tradition testifies to the fact that the way in which revelation is shown to each soul is always different and according to the soul's own psychological condition.

And it must be said of Tradition that it is expressed externally when "man," in his conceit, imposes it to preserve selfish interests, and it is internal when it is given by the persuasion of the spirit itself.

While external tradition is like a noisy river that sweeps away everything and destroys it, inner tradition is instead an undercurrent that, galvanizing and gathering, quietly builds.

Exoteric tradition collects its treasures here, in the world of three-dimensional forms, with the subsequent consequence of the loss of the soul. Esoteric tradition crystallizes all its efforts in the precious jewel called the Philosophical Stone, which allows the soul to exist in both worlds: the absolute and the relative.

Having no interest whatsoever with respect to the ambitions and fears of this world-other than to follow here an enduringly probatory path to be assayed against the gold of the spirit-real tradition does not have a physical Succession. It is not transmitted through race, creed or religion, much less through political or social issues. Since in the whole Universe there is an order already established by the divine, the human simply submits to this order, and thus achieves living in harmony. One day the real tradition will once again govern over the face our world, then the Golden Age will have come again."

Rafael Vargas, Javier CasaƱ, Encounter with Samael